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Exam Registration

In your overview you click Exam Registration.


A register appears. Here you can see an overview of your exam registrations as well as find exams to register for.
The easiest way is the Registration via curriculum. If you click on it, your subject(s) of study will appear. By clicking on the corresponding subject you will see a list of modules.


You choose the desired module and click on Module Examination. Two options appear there. The one with the red cross in the second column belongs to the last semester, i.e. registration is no longer possible. The one with the green arrow belongs to the current semester and indicates that you can register for the module examination now. If the sign is yellow, it means that you cannot register yet.


A new window will appear in which you can scroll down to find the Details of the exam dates and registration.


Such a list appears.
Especially in this example it is a bit tricky. Since our Master's programme in Linguistics is characterised by the fact that the modules offer courses from different institutes, there are correspondingly several institutes available for the module examination options. For this reason, you need to know exactly which institute offers the course in which you would like to take the module examination. You can't tell this from the examiners you can see here!


In the case that the seminar is offered by our institute, i.e. by General or Historical-Comparative Linguistics, you must unfold the corresponding option. There you will see the Persons involved on the bottom right hand side and can have all examiners of the GL and HCL listed. If the teacher you are being tested by is listed there, you can register for this examination.


Important: Please note the deadlines, which may vary depending on the institute! If you can foresee that you will not be able to finish your term paper in time, a timely cancellation of the examination has no consequences. If you miss the deadline, the examination is considered failed.


Exam Results

Under Exam Results you will find a list of your completed courses. There you can see the courses you have attended as well as the completed exams with their respective grades.