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Summer & Winter Schools

Photo: Lisa Beller

The list below is intended for Bachelor and Master students as a pool of ideas for possible contact points. Summer/Winter Schools can be credited in the Ergänzungsmodul "Wissenschaftspraxis". The number of Credit Points awarded will be clarified with the responsible supervisor.

Funding opportunities

It is possible to apply for a DAAD PROMOS-Stipendium scholarship via the University of Cologne. In addition, you can receive grants for participation fees and travel expenses, not only for summer schools, but also for internships. Herr Kirste from the International Office is the contact person for PROMOS. In addition, the International Office will be happy to inform you about further funding opportunities. When planning, it is important to inform yourself in good time about the relevant application deadlines.

Examples for Summer/Winter Schools

Summer, winter or spring schools are offered partly regularly, partly at irregular intervals by various institutions. A good search engine can be found under Linguistlist.

Schule Datum Ort

AMARCAD Summer/Winter Schools search engine

verschiedene Daten

verschiedene Orte

LOT Schools

verschiedene Daten

Groningen, Niederlande

LOT Winter School

09. - 20. Dezember

Amsterdam, Niederlande

Language Immersion Program Indonesian

verschiedene Daten

Jakarta, Indonesien

Summer school - Romanian language 2023

24. Juli - 04. August

Sibiu, Rumänien

Linguistic approaches to the documentation of indigenous ecological knowledge: A mobile training workshop

04. - 10. September

Dodoma, Tansania

Gestures: How to Analyse Forms, Meaning and Functions

11. - 17. Januar