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Department of Linguistics

As one of the largest universities in Germany, the University of Cologne has a diverse range of courses on offer for students interested in linguistics. Find further information on the profile of the department below.


Degree programmes

Profile of the Department

Cologne’s Department of Linguistics is distinguished by studying a broad spectrum of linguistic theories and areas, methods and topics. Elements of the Institute’s profile in both teaching and research include:

  • Language Typology
  • Language Description and Documentation (Linguistic Fieldwork)
  • (Intercultural) Communication
  • Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis
  • Discourse Studies
  • Prosody und Intonation
  • Articulatory Modelling
  • Experimental Phonology
  • Indo-European Languages
  • Language Comparison and Reconstruction
  • Computational Linguistics

At the Department of Linguistics, we take it for granted that language – as the foundation of communication – is embedded in a social and cultural context. For both research-oriented and practical reasons, the study of language must go beyond the description and explanation of structural properties and address phenomena such as communicative goals and effects, social variation in language, language change, etc.