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Discourse Studies

Discourse studies at IfL explores pragmatic, cognitive, and semiotic aspects of large linguistic units. “Discourse” is taken as the domain of language use (in Du Bois’ terms) and as a process rather than a product (in Widdowson’s terms). Research and teaching interests encompass the interface between syntax and pragmatics; discourse structure above the sentence level; the conceptual mapping, blending, and compression behind figurative language; the relation between texts and socio-cultural contexts in contemporary as well as in historical texts (communication strategies, text production and text performance); and the theoretical underpinnings of multi- and cross-modal features in oral genres. Past and current synchronic and diachronic approaches apply contemporary frameworks to linguistic phenomena in ancient Greek corpora; further corpora are being progressively added. The starting team looks forward to increasing collaborations with the other sections of IfL, as well as with other Institutes, within and beyond the University of Cologne.


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  • Workshop Conversational Priming in Language Change

    Vom 03. bis 04. Dezember 2021 veranstalten die ASW und HVS den Workshop Conversational Priming in Language Change. Alle Infos und das Progamm finden Sie hier.

  • Job opportunity: Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften (BBAW), Capacity Development Officer for modern language documentation

    The BBAW is home to the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (ELDP). ELDP, funded by Arcadia, is dedicated to documenting and preserving endangered languages by funding documentation projects around the world, assisting grantees in conducting field research and archiving their documentary collections, and making those collections freely available. ELDP is seeking a Capacity Development Officer to run and further develop its global training programme in modern digital language documentation for junior researchers, language communities, and documenters. The successful candidate will design and implement multilingual training programmes and create teaching materials for various digital platforms and social media. The successful candidate will continuously evaluate and improve the concepts, workflows and measures developed, and will present research results at conferences and publish them in relevant journals.
    Please send your informative application documents, quoting the reference number "ELDP/10/2021", preferably as a PDF (max. 5 MB) by 25.10.2021 to: personalstelle[at}
    Further information

  • Ausschreibung Mercator-Stipendium

    Aktuell schreibt die a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School zusammen mit der Stiftung Mercator bis zu 6 praxis- und berufsfeldbezogene Promotionsstipendien für 4 Jahre bzw. für das 4. Promotionsjahr aus. Bewerbungsschluss ist der 22.10.2021. Das Mercator-Stipendium fördert praxisorientierte Promotionsprojekte mit einem Gesellschafsbezug. Hierbei wird eine einjährige Praxisphase bei einer außeruniversitären Institution in die Promotion integriert. Neben der Bearbeitung der Fragestellung ermöglicht das Programmkonzept, außerwissenschaftliche Betätigungsfelder kennenzulernen und berufliche Perspektiven für die Zeit nach der Promotion zu entwickeln. Zur Ausschreibung geht es hier.

  • Prof. Birgit Hellwig bei Abralin ao Vivo

    Im Rahmen von Abralin ao Vivo - Linguistics Online hat Birgit Hellwig am 08.09.2021 einen Vortrag zum Thema "Language Documentation, Acquisition and Socialization: Widening the Evidential Base" gehalten. Dieser kann hier noch einmal angeschaut werden.


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