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Courses and Colloquia


WiSe 2023/2024

  • Communication and language use (Anna Bonifazi)
  • Conversation Analysis (Anna Bonifazi)
  • Discourse Studies - Overview (Anna Bonifazi)
  • Discourse and Conversation Analysis (Giulia Sperduti)
  • Gender, Identity, and Non-Normativity. A Cognitive Linguistic Approach (Giulia Sperduti)
SoSe 2023 

  • Cognitive linguistics in discourse studies (Anna Bonifazi)
  • Discourse Markers (Giuseppina di Bartolo)
  • Intercultural pragmatics (Anna Bonifazi)
  • Metaphor and metonymy in political discourse (Giulia Sperduti)
  • Request contructions across languages (Giuseppina di Bartolo)
  • Segmentation in language use (Anna Bonifazi)


WiSe 2023/2024

  • Discourse Studies (Anna Bonifazi)
  • Fundamentals of narrative theory: Mimesis and Diegesis from the past and to the present (Anna Bonifazi with Joachim Harst)
SoSe 2023

  • Discourse Studies (Anna Bonifazi, Uwe Seifert and Gabriele Giacosa)