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Talks and Events

SoSe 2023

  • Giuseppina Di Bartolo, Ulrich Geupel, Daniel Kölligan, Thiago Venturott: co-authored paper ''The Pavia Verbs Database: Late Greek'', PaVeDa Workshop. The Pavia Verbs Database: State of the art, challenges, and perspectives, University of Pavia, Italy, 18.05.2023
  • Anna Bonifazi: "Tears in music: towards a cognitive-semiotic account", University of Niš, Serbia, 22.03.23
  • Anna Bonifazi: "Character Migration Through Multimodality: Orpheus From Early Texts to Monteverdi’s Opera”, Conference "Characters in Mind”, Bonn, 09.02.23 

WiSe 2022-2023

  • Anna Bonifazi, Giuseppina dI Bartolo: "Discourse Studies - A short overview”, UzK Open Campus 2022, 29.10.2022
  • Anna Bonifazi, Giuseppina dI Bartolo: "Linguistische Ansätze für literarische Texte - synchron und diachron”, Einführungsveranstaltung Komparatistik, 21.10.2022.
  • Anna Bonifazi: “Introduction to iconicity in language and literature: A semiotic concept, a multidisciplinary book series, and a biennial conference”. Colloquium Komparatistik - Linguistik UzK, 20.10.2022. 

SoSe 2022

  • Riccardo Ginevra : “Between traditional possibility and impossible reality: Compressed mímēsis in Homeric poetry”, Auerbach Institute UzK (research collaboration with Anna Bonifazi) 20.06.2022

SoSe 2021

Guest talks within Colloquium "Musik, Sprache und Bedeutung”/“Music, language and meaning”:

  • John Du Bois, UCSB: “Word Play: Fun with Resonance in Conversation and Art” 22.06.2021
  • Birgit Hellwig, UzK: "Repetition and variation in child language: Perspectives from Papua New Guinea” 29.06.2021
  • Cristóbal Pagán Cánovas, Univ. of Murcia: The FORMULEARN project: Formulaic creativity and the origins of language and music”, 13.07.2021

WiSe 2020-2021

Guest talks within Colloquium Komparatistik- Linguistik  "Detektive Lesen: Literaturwissenschaftliche und linguistische Aspekte”:

  • Pinelopi Ioannidou, Zala Salarzai: ''Detecting and perceiving crime story-cues: how annotating anaphoric expressions changes the experience of reading'', 10.12.2020