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The test serves as a direct check of the course content. You can use it at the end of the seminar or in between as active participation.


First you have to create a new object/tool "Test" on the ILIAS page of your course.


You can then name and describe this.


 Tests can be timed (to be treated like a submission date).


You can also include an introductory text with notes on the questions, or on the passing criteria.


The test offers many different setting options. We will not go into all of them here, but show you individual important settings.


The tests can be timed with a start and end date. This is worthwhile if you want to query individual sessions with the test.


ILIAS offers an automatic save function for the answers. We recommend the time interval 30 seconds here.


Students can be given the opportunity to interrupt the test. However, this involves the risk that the answers are simply searched for via Google. If they have previously set a maximum time for completing the test, this time will continue to run despite the interruption. This makes sense in order to limit the amount of looking up. However, this information should also be passed on to the students (possibly in the introduction).


Questions can now be created for the test. You have many different options of question types here.


They must and should now indicate that they are creating a new question pool and name it.


Now you can create a new question. It is important that the correct answer(s) get a higher score than the wrong answer(s) (see example).


When you have finished creating the question, you must save it by clicking on "Save and return". Do not click on "Save" here, as this will trigger an error message.


 Now the test and the question pool are created. You can view both in the course content.


Now you can create more questions in the question pool. The same conditions apply here as before.

This is what a question pool looks like.


Now you can select the test and add questions from your created pool there.


You can search for the name of your question pool and add all questions to the test.