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Speech Dynamics Lab (SpeeDy Lab)

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We are a group of phoneticians in Cologne and we investigate motor control in typical and atypical speech as well as in co-speech gestures and sign languages. Therefore we work with the dual EMA system to track movements of the articulators in time and space. The EMA system is combined with methods from speech acoustics and dynamic modeling. The dual setup consisting of two EMA devices allows us to investigate two interacting speakers simultaneously.


About Us

Doris Mücke

She is a professor at the Phonetics lab. Her main research interest lies in the area of Experimental Phonetics, focusing on the interplay between speech motor control and prosodic patterns in speech. She uses various kinematic and acoustic measurement techniques to capture speech patterns in typical and atypical speech.

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Tabea Thies

She is a post-doctoral researcher in phonetics investigating speech of patients with movement disorders by using acoustic and articulatory speech recordings. The aim is to understand speech mechanisms that induce dysarthria, on the one hand, but also investigating disease and treatment effects on speech, on the other hand.

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Justine Mertz

She is a post-doctoral researcher in sign language phonetics and phonology. She studies the phonological mechanisms underlying the composition of signs using theoretical as well as experimental work (e.g., behavioral psycholinguistic tasks, EEG...). To better understand the link between continuous/phonetic and categorical/phonological aspects of signs, she is also investigating coarticulation in sign language using EMA.

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Lena Pagel

Since April 2022, she is a PhD candidate at the lab. She is interested in multimodal alignment in dialogues, i.e. how interlocutors converge towards each other in their patterns of articulation and co-speech gestures. In collaboration with the Neurology department of the University Clinic Cologne, she also investigates interactive alignment in individuals with Parkinson’s disease, using a dual EMA and video setup to capture speech and co-speech kinematics.

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Noemi Furlani

She is a PhD student with a multidisciplinary background in Physics and Multilingualism. Her main research interest is the interplay between prosody and multilingualism. She is carrying out a project focusing on acoustic and articulatory properties of L2-directed speech in German and Italian by using a dual EMA setting.

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Elisa Herbig

She is a MA student of Linguistics and a student assistant at the lab. One of her main responsibilities is supporting the ViTraLiP project, a joint teaching project with the University of Paris, funded by the DAAD. Her main research interest is the interplay between (pathological) speech and other cognitive abilities, amongst others in individuals with Parkinson's disease.

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