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This is how you apply

You can apply for your study programmes at the University of Cologne via the online application portal on KLIPS 2.0. Applications are processed centrally via the Student Application and Registration Office. On this page you will find detailed instructions on the application process.

Single-Subject Master, Double-Subject Master - what's right for me?

With the exception of the Master's programme of Linguistic Information Processing, which is only offered as a Single-Subject Master, you can choose between a Single-Subject or a Double-Subject Master's programme for all other disciplines of the institute. In the Single-Subject MA Linguistik you can choose from 13 different specializations and in the Single-Subject MA Linguistics you can choose from 5 different specializations. In the Double-Subject Master's programme, you can combine two of these three specialization options:

  • Phonetics
  • Historical-Comparative Linguistics
  • General Linguistics

or one of these specializations with another Double-Subject Master's programme at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

If you are unsure how to decide, you can contact one of the advisers.

In addition, there are counselling services at the Central Student Guidance and Counselling Services that can help you make decisions.

Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree or a comparable degree in linguistics, phonetics, a single-language philology with a linguistic focus (thesis with a linguistic topic) or a comparable linguistic subject.
  • Knowledge of English at the level of B2-CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) is a prerequisite for studies, i.e. the proof must be submitted by the time the MA thesis is registered.
  • Further language skills, depending on the profile.

It is recommended to complete potential requirements at the beginning of your study programme, because gaps in your basic knowledge should typically be filled here.