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T. Mark Ellison

Institut für Linguistik - Phonetik
Herbert-Lewin-Straße 6
50931 Köln

E-Mail: t.m.ellison@uni-koeln.de

Personal website

Postdoc in project C09 of the SFB 1252 Prominence in Language

Conference Posters & Presentations


  • Constantijn Kaland & T. Mark Ellison. (2023). Evaluating Cluster Analysis on F0 Contours: an information theoretic approach on three languages. (poster) ICPhS, Prague.
  • Uta Reinöhl & T. Mark Ellison. (2023). Metaphor, Overtness and Word Order Routinization. (talk) ICHL26, Heidelberg.
  • Noora Ahola, T. Mark Ellison, Panagiotis Kapellis, and Kaius Sinnemäki. (2023). Evaluating the probability of diffusion: A case study of Dimli language contact with Turkish. (talk) Connected Past, Helsinki.
  • Albert, Aviad, Constantijn Kaland, T. Mark Ellison, Francesco Cangemi, Bodo Winter & Martine Grice (accepted for talk). Harvesting spontaneous speech data from digital reservoirs to study prosody, CorpusPhon 2024, workshop at Labphon 19, Seoul
  • Lindstädt, Hauke, Francesco Cangemi, Aviad Albert and Martine Grice (accepted for poster). Can you believe that? Both strength and melody distinguish between non-genuine questions, Labphon19, Seoul, South Korea.


  • Uta Reinöhl & T. Mark Ellison. (2022). Metaphor Forces Argument Overtness. (talk) Emmy Noether Workshop Freiburg
  • T. Mark Ellison. (2022). Prominence Facilitates Communication between Predictive Agents. (talk) ICPL 3. Cologne.
  • Röhr, Christine T., Michelina Savino, T. Mark Ellison, Martine Grice. (2022). The Role of Intonation in Attention Allocation in Serial Recall. (talk) ICPL 3. Cologne.
  • Luisa Miceli and T. Mark Ellison. (2022). An Alternative to Trees in Bayesian Language Histories. (talk) ICHL, Oxford.
  • Uta Reinöhl & T. Mark Ellison. (2022). Shamanic languages as windows into Tibeto-Burman history? (talk) ICHL, Oxford.
  • T. Mark Ellison and Fahime Same. (2022). Constructing Distributions of Variation in Referring Expression Type from Corpora for Model Evaluation. LREC, Marseille. Paper Poster Video
  • T. Mark Ellison, John Mansfield and Luisa Miceli. (2022). Social proximity and linguistic divergence. (talk) SLE, Bucharest.
  • T. Mark Ellison & Uta Reinöhl. (2022). Compositionality, metaphor, and the evolution of language (talk) EvoLang/ProtoLang Workshop - Combinatoriality and Compositionality in Apes, Hominins, Humans, and Birds, Kanazawa, Japan.


  • T. Mark Ellison. (2021). A Bayesian Model of Prominence in Reference Interpretation: a formal account of prominence in communication. (talk) SFB Networking Workshop.

Invited Seminars


  •  Sonja Riesberg & T. Mark Ellison. (2023). Discourse Prominence in Totoli: (Voice Choice and) Word Order. ISLE colloquium, University of Zürich.


  • T. Mark Ellison. (2022). Linguistic Prominence and Modelling Language. Helsinki Diversity Linguistics Group, University of Helsinki.
  • T. Mark Ellison. (2022). Psycholinguistic Biases and Community-Level Language Change. Linguistics, University of Freiburg.
  • T. Mark Ellison. (2022). Linguistic Prominence and Modelling Language. University of Lyon.
  • T. Mark Ellison. (2022). NLP and Human Processing: prominence, referring expressions and metaphors. Language Technology Research Seminar. University of Helsinki.
  • T. Mark Ellison & Uta Reinöhl. (2022). Metaphor and the Evolution of Language. ISLE colloquium, University of Zürich.