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Janne Lorenzen M.A.

Institut für Linguistik - Phonetik
Herbert-Lewin-Str. 6
D-50931 Köln

E-Mail: janne.lorenzenSpamProtectionuni-koeln.de

Telefon: (+49) 0221 - 470 7047
Fax: (+49) 0221 - 470 5938

PhD Project

Individual variability in the encoding and decoding of prosodic prominence relations (working title)

in association with SFB 1252 - A07 - Metrical prominence - Scales and Structures

Publications and Talks


  • Lorenzen, Janne, Simon Roessig & Stefan Baumann. (2022). Syntagmatic and paradigmatic effects of information status on prosodic prominence relations in German – an online production task. Poster presented at LabPhon18 (virtual conference), 23.-25.06.2022
  • Roessig, Simon, Janne Lorenzen & Stefan Baumann. (2022). Evidence for a prosodic prominence budget in German utterances. Poster presented at 3rd International Conference "Prominence in Language" (ICPL III), University of Cologne, Germany, 02.-03.06.2022
  • Kabak, Baris & Janne Lorenzen. (2022). Grammar-external and structural factors predict the rate of forestressing in African American English: A corpus study. Poster presented at 3rd International Conference "Prominence in Language" (ICPL III), University of Cologne, Germany, 02.-03.06.2022
  • Lorenzen, Janne, Simon Roessig & Stefan Baumann (2022). Information status and tonal context jointly modulate prosodic prominence relations in German. Speech Prosody 2022, Lisbon, Portugal.


  • Lorenzen, Janne & Kabak, Barış. (2021). Forestressing in African American English: Social and Structural Factors. 15. International PAC Conference - Spoken English Varieties: Redefining and Representing Realities, Communities and Norms. University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès, France. 01-03.09.2021
  • Lorenzen, Janne. (2021). Full and partial vowel devoicing in Turkish and the role of prosodic prominence. 4th Phonetics and Phonology in Europe. Barcelona. 21.-23.06.2021


  • Kabak, Barış & Lorenzen, Janne. (2020). Paradigm leveling and regularization derive variation in stress: A corpus study on Turkish non-final stress at the morphology-phonology interface. In: A. Gürer, D. Uygun Gökmen & B. Öztürk (Eds.), Morphological complexity within and across boundaries. In honour of Aslı Göksel, 194-210. Studies in Language Companion Series (SLCS). John Benjamins.


  • Lorenzen, Janne & Kabak, Barış. (2019). Structural factors in the emergence, persistence and regularization of exceptional stress patterns in Turkish. 4. Edinburgh Symposium on Historical Phonology. University of Edinburgh. 09.-10.12.2019
  • Lorenzen, Janne. (2019). The acquisition of weight-insensitive final stress in disyllabic Turkish words by naïve German listeners. Forum für junge Phonetik und Phonologie im deutschsprachigen Raum. Universität Düsseldorf. 25.09.2019
  • Lorenzen, Janne. (2019). Social stratification of forestressing in African American English: A corpus phonological approach. 9. Forum Junge Englische Linguistik. Universität Bayreuth. 12.-13.09.2019
  • Lorenzen, Janne, Kabak, Barış & Himmel, Marie-Christin. (2019). Structural concomitants of final vs. non-final stress reveal how two separate stress systems evolved in Turkish: Evidence from a database study. 16. Old World Conference on Phonology. University of Verona, Italy. 16.-18.01.2019