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Paris Cologne Collaborative Meeting

The Paris-Cologne Collaborative Meeting (PCCM) is a workshop series and joint initiative of the Atelier de Recherche sur la Parole (ARP) at Université Paris Diderot (Paris 7), and the Institut für Linguistik – Phonetik (IƒL) at the University of Cologne, capitalizing on the shared interests of the two departments in phonetics and phonology, with an emphasis on laboratory phonology.


Laboratory phonology is the connecting research program in Europe, very strong in France and Germany. We have been building a strong training program for young scholars through and for research, in national contexts which are otherwise very different. The proposed workshops will contribute to putting our strengths together and building a core of excellence in laboratory phonology, with a particular emphasis on Articulatory Phonology.

Follow-up to PCCM 7: Workshop Voices in Context

This workshop was organised by participants of PCCM 7 from Cologne, with the aim of bringing together early career researchers who are working on topics related to prosody, pragmatics and especially their interfaces in order to exchange ideas, identify common topics, discuss new methods, and provide networking opportunities with other researchers in this field. This workshop was open to researchers internationally, and not restricted to Paris and Cologne.

Joint research from Paris and Cologne, stemming from discussion of experimental and statistical methods at PCCM 7, in particular incorporating recent developments in Bayesian approaches to cross speaker variability, was presented at this workshop and commented on by Bodo Winter.


The 7th Paris-Cologne Cologne Collaborative Meeting took place from October 5-8, 2021 at Université Paris Diderot (Paris 7). PCCM7 was the first of a two-part workshop series on "Quantifying and interpreting variability in speech", with the second workshop scheduled for 2022 in Cologne (further details below). Thanks to Bodo Winter for a great and insightful workshop, and to all participants for their contributions!

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We now have funding from Franco-German University for PCCM 7 to be held from 5th to 8th October 2021 PCCM 7 "Quantifying and interpreting variability in speech" as the first of two related workshops over the course of one year (2021-2022).

The first workshop, PCCM 7, will be held in Paris at the Université de Paris in the Olympe de Gouges building and is is led by Bodo Winter, UKRI Future Leaders Fellow, Senior Lecturer at the University of Birmingham, and Editor-in-Chief of Language & Cognition.

PCCM 7 aims to provide targeted technical training to students in experimental design and statistical analysis, including Bayesian modelling, applied to variability in speech. By the end of the first workshop, young researchers will have formed mixed (French / German / Spanish) groups, each of which will put forward an idea for a study, to be carried out by each group. The outcome of the first workshop is a well-designed study per group. In the year separating the two workshops, experiments for each study will be carried out by each group. The groups will reconvene in 2022 at PCCM 8 at the University of Cologne, and each group will present the results of their study. The groups will give critical feedback to one another, and the participants will decide together what the next steps are for completing the studies.


From 02.06 to 05.06 the 6th Paris-Cologne Collaborative Meeting took place here at the IfL Phonetics Lab. We want to thank everyone for attending and contributing to this great workshop series. Thank you for the great talks held by our main speakers Alice Turk and Leo Lancia, as well as the amazing presentations given by students and researchers. See you next time!

Previous PCCM Workshops

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