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Travel Information

The workshop site is at few minutes walking distance from the Bari Central Station, which is also the place where airport bus, shuttlebus and local train stop.

For the people who want to get from Lecce to Bari on the 20th in the morning:
We suggest to use the following connection:

Regional train leaving Lecce at 07:52, arriving at Bari centrale at 9:45. Tickets can be bought online here.

From Bari Airport to Bari Central Station:

  • by Local Railway (“Ferrotramviaria”):
    • The local railway station can be reached on foot directly from the Terminal. Tickets can be bought at vending machines or an information desk (5 €), journey lasts about 15 minutes.
  • by Shuttlebus (“Tempesta Autoservizi”):
    • The shuttlebus stops right outside the Terminal. Tickets can be bought on the bus (4 €), journey lasts about 25 minutes.
  • Local Bus service (AMTAB), bus line no. 16 (Viale Ferrari Aeroporto - P.zza Moro):
    • Tickets can be bought on the bus (1.50 €), journey lasts about 40 minutes.

From Lecce to Bari Central Station:

  • by train National Railway (Trenitalia):
    • Ticket (Regional trains) costs around 10 €, journey lasts about 2 hours, trains run around every 1.5 h.
  • by car
    • take the National Route no. 16 (“Strada Statale 16 “Adriatica”), when approaching Bari follow indications to Bari “Stazione Centrale”. Journey lasts about 1 hour and a half.
    • Car parking just in front of the workshop venue (underground parking GESTIPARK, Piazza Cesare Battisti, entrance from via Scipione Crisanzio) Fare: 1.60 € per hour.


The COFLIS Workshop at PaPE 2019 is organized by: Francesco Cangemi, Stefan Baumann, Michelina Savino, Martine Grice
and supported by:

Uni Bari Uni Cologne Prominence in Language LabPhon Puglia

Photos were provided by Ambrogio Lomascolo