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Search via Registration Status

We will show you the easiest way for first-year students using the KLIPS view of a bachelor student of Linguistics and Phonetics.

To find the courses you need to participate in during your studies, click on Registration Status. There you can see your study programmes.


If you click on Linguistics and Phonetics, you will see an overview of the modules for that subject.


If you click on Basic Modules, you will get an overview of the three that all students must complete.


If you click on each of the Basic Modules, you get an overview of the courses to be completed for the respective modules.


A click on the course will show a list of the courses offered in the current semester.


Studium Integrale (SI)

In the Bachelor's programme, 12 CP must be acquired in the so-called Studium Integrale (SI). The overview, which you can see here, appears when you click on the name of study programme with your two subjects (e.g. Linguistics and Phonetics; Musicology) and then on Studium Integrale. Under each of the seven areas you will find a large number of courses. Please note that these do not all provide the same number of CP. Some of them bring 3 CP, but there are also courses that bring 12 CP.


Search via "Fächergruppe"

If you are looking for an overview of the entire course offering of the Department of Linguistics for the current semester, you can use the page tree on the left side. Our department belongs to the so-called Fächergruppe 1 of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. You can view all courses of our department in this way, but you also have the possibility to view only the courses offered by the individual sections or professorships. Just click on the desired option in the page tree and you will find the list of courses under Courses.


Search via "Search"

If you are looking for a specific course on a specific content, you can simply use the Search function (top right) to look for Courses.



If you click on the course, a window with the course description will appear. On the top right you will find Course registration.

In the following window you have to select a so called node, i.e. the module you want to take the course on.
There are courses which are only assigned to one module. There you have no choices. However, as you progress through your studies, you will see that there are courses that are assigned to more than one module, so you will have to choose which module you want to be credited for.


The window shown here will appear. There you have to tick the box register and then click on the field Register below.


At the beginning of your studies you have to participate in practicals, which are held in smaller groups than the introductory lectures. There are always different dates for those. You have to choose one of the dates that fits best into your timetable, select the group with a tick and click on Register to register for the chosen practical.


Please note that registration for a course does not constitute admission! You will receive the admission, i.e. the Confirmed place, either after the registration phase in which you have registered, or after the last registration phase at the latest. In which courses you have received a Confirmed place, you can see under Course registration.


Tip: If you are still on the Place request list at the beginning of the lecture period, do not be discouraged to go to the first session of your course anyway. Often there are still places available, although KLIPS indicates that the course is already full. In addition, experience shows that not all participants come who have a Confirmed place. And as a rule, students who are studying at our department, will definitely be able to attend all compulsory courses.

If you would like to have all courses with their respective contents at a glance, you can have a look at our Annotated Lecture Directories.

Umbuchung von Veranstaltungen

Da besonders in unseren Masterstudiengängen die Veranstaltungen oftmals über verschiedene Module belegbar sind, besteht die Möglichkeit, eine Veranstaltung im Nachhinein in ein anderes Modul zu verschieben. Dieses Verschieben bzw. Umbuchen könnt ihr selbstständig in KLIPS vornehmen. Dabei sind zwei Dinge zu beachten:

  • die Aktive Teilnahme für die Veranstaltung muss bereits verbucht sein
  • die Veranstaltung muss über das Modul belegbar sein, in welches ihr diese schieben möchtet

Wie ihr Veranstaltungen umbucht, erfahrt ihr in einer ausführlichen Anleitung des KLIPS-Supports.