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General Linguistics
Department of Linguistics
D-50923 Cologne

Telefon: 0221 – 470 5624/5639 (Administration)
Fax: 0221 – 470 5947


Research interests

  • Research on syntactic alternations (possessive alternations and relative clause extraposition) using corpus-linguistic as well as experimental methods
  • Corpus-based psycholinguistics investigating the temporal flow of spontaneous speech (development/application of relevant tools: forced alignment, automatic prosodic segmentation, etc.)
  • Development of tools for working with language documentation data (format conversion, cleaning-up, annotation, analysis)
  • Formal syntax (LFG, HPSG), syntax of the Germanic languages and of Kurdish (Ezafe)
  • Automatic tokenization, sentence boundary and abbreviation detection (practical NLP)
  • Low Saxon dialectology, new dialects / regional varieties (especially Ruhr German)
  • Development of computational linguistic tools for dealing with non-standardized language data (dialect corpora), information retrieval for languages without a standardized orthography
  • Statistical methods for experimental and corpus linguistics