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Aviad Albert

Institut für Linguistik - Phonetik
Herbert-Lewin-Str. 6
D-50931 Köln

E-Mail: a.albert@uni-koeln.de

Telefon: (+49) 0221 - 470 7047
Fax: (+49) 0221 - 470 5938


PhD thesis: A model of sonority based on pitch intelligibility

Goal: Define sonority in perceptual terms (pitch intelligibility) with acoustic correlates (periodic energy). Develop a general principle of "nucleus attraction" that aligns periodic peaks and syllabic nuclei, and predicts wellformedness as a function of competition for the nucleus within syllables. The Nucleus Attraction Principle (NAP) is modelled with both continuous and symbolic terms as two complementary top-down and bottom-up models that subsume traditional sonority-based principles like the Sonority Sequencing Principle (SSP) with major improvements.

Thesis supervisors: Martine Grice and Doris Mücke.


ProPer: PROsodic analysis with PERiodic energy

Goal: Using periodic energy to account for quantitative aspects of pitch we present a set of ProPer tools that exploit the interaction between continuous acoustic entities — F0 and periodic energy — to achieve richer visualizations and more complete characterizations of prosodic aspects of speech: prosodic prominence, pitch contour and speech-rate.

Check out the open ProPer repository on OSF at https://osf.io/28ea5/


  • Albert, Aviad & Bruno Nicenboim. 2020 (Preprint). The Double Life of Language Systems: Modelling Sonority with Complementary Symbol and Signal Based Models. PsyArXiv. October 29. doi:10.31234/osf.io/kvqy5.
  • Albert, Aviad. 2019. The state of stop-fricative alternations in Modern Hebrew. In Modern Hebrew Phonetics and Phonology: Descriptive Studies. Eds. Noam Faust, Evan-Gary Cohen & Outi Bat-El. Brill’s Journal of Afroasiatic Languages and Linguistics 11. 132-162.
  • Cangemi, Francesco, Aviad Albert & Martine Grice. 2019. Modelling intonation: Beyond segments and tonal targets. In the proceedings of the International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS 2019).
  • Albert, Aviad, Francesco Cangemi & Martine Grice. 2018. Using periodic energy to enrich acoustic representations of pitch in speech: A demonstration. In the proceedings of Speech Prosody 9.
  • Botwinik, Irena & Aviad Albert. 2015. Prosodic Prominence in Hebrew Binominal Construction: The Occurrance of šel. In the online proceedings of pS-prominenceS: Prominences in Linguistics. Viterbo, Italy.
  • Albert, Aviad, Brian MacWhinney, Bracha Nir & Shuly Wintner. 2013. The Hebrew CHILDES Corpus: Transcription and Morphological Analysis. Language Resources and Evaluation 47(4): 973-1005.
  • Albert, Aviad & Hadass Zaidenberg. 2012. Filler Syllables in the Acquisition of Hebrew: A Prosodic Account. Brill’s Annual of Afoasiatic Languages and Linguistics (BAALL) 4: 162-188.



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