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First Postclassical Greek conference Cologne (PGCC 1)

New Dates: 24–26 March 2021, University of Cologne

Online Conference

Greek is one of the few languages in the world with an uninterrupted literary tradition spanning more than three thousand years. Nearly all periods of Greek are well-documented by large amounts of texts. This makes Greek an especially interesting corpus for the study of language change. However, post-classical Greek has been less in the focus of research. After two similar conferences in Mainz and Riga, PGCC aims to bring together specialists of Greek working on the history of Greek after the 5th/4th c. BC, addressing various research questions ranging from methodological problems (e.g. periodization), questions of language standardization and register, text transmission and the analysis of individual linguistic features appearing or disappearing in the post-classical language to the situation of post-classical Greek in Digital Humanities.

Keynote Speakers

Anna Bonifazi (Universität zu Köln)
Albio C. Cassio (Università La Sapienza - Rome)
Gregory Crane (Tufts University - Medford)
Eleanor Dickey (University of Reading)
Georgios K. Giannakis (University of Thessaloniki)
Chiara Gianollo (Università di Bologna)
Mark Janse (Ghent University)
Brian Joseph (Ohio State University - Columbus)
José Luis García Ramón (Center for Hellenic Studies - Washington)


In order to register please contact Giuseppina di Bartolo.