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General Linguistics
Department of Linguistics
D-50923 Cologne

Tel: +49-221-470-3889
Fax: +49-221-470-5947


Office hours:
by appointment

(please contact via e-mail)

E-Mail: bhellwig(at)


Monographs and edited books

  • Hellwig, Birgit. 2019. A grammar of Qaqet (Mouton Grammar Library 79). Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton.


Articles and book chapters

  • Tabain, Marija & Birgit Hellwig. 2022. Qaqet. Journal of the International Phonetic Association. First View.

  • Hellwig, Birgit. 2021. Children’s narratives in Papua New Guinea: A case study of Qaqet. In Christiane Bongartz & Jacopo Torregrossa (eds.), What’s in a narrative? Variation in storytelling at the interface between language and literacy, 99–120. Bern: Peter Lang.

  • Schneider-Blum, Gertrud & Birgit Hellwig. 2020. Property concepts in Tabaq: More than one road can lead to Rome. Faits de Langues 51. 63–78.

  • Tabain, Marija & Birgit Hellwig. 2015. Goemai. Journal of the International Phonetic Association 45. 81-104.

  • Hellwig, Birgit & Gertrud Schneider-Blum. 2014. Tabaq: In a state of flux. Dotawo 1. 63-81.

  • Hellwig, Birgit. 2013. Verbal morphology in Katla. In Thilo C. Schadeberg & Roger M. Blench (eds.), Nuba Mountain Language Studies, 237-250. Köln: Rüdiger Köppe.

  • Hellwig, Birgit. 2011. The semantics of copy pronouns in Goemai. In Gratien G. Atindogbé, Roger M. Blench & Anne Storch (eds.), Copy pronouns: Case studies from African languages, 55-69. Köln: Rüdiger Köppe.

  • Hellwig, Birgit. 2006. Complement clause type and complementation strategies in Goemai. In Robert M.W. Dixon & Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald (eds.), Complementation: A cross-linguistic typology, 104-223. Oxford: Oxford University Press.



  • Hellwig, Birgit. 2018. Sprachenvielfalt – Sprachentod. Rezensionsaufsatz zu Nicholas Evans, Wenn Sprachen sterben – und was wir mit ihnen verlieren. Sprachwissenschaft 43.3. 365-371.

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