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Wortbildung in Kallawaya: nominale Komposition und Inkorporation

(DFG, 04/2016 – 03/2017, Fortsetzungsprojekt zu "Erstellung eines typologischen Profils der bolivianischen Mischsprache Kallawaya")

Kallawaya is a mixed and secret language spoken in the Charazani region of north-western Bolivia. As a mixed language, Kallawaya takes its lexicon and grammar from different and genetically unrelated languages. The lexicon of Kallawaya is mainly provided by Pukina, now extinct, while the grammar derives from a Southern Quechua variety. Kallawaya is also a secret language, used only by traditional herbalists during healing ceremonies; as such, it is not designed for use in everyday communication and has a reduced lexicon.The language is acquired only as L2, while the native language of the Kallawaya herbalists is Quechua.

Today, Kallawaya is highly endangered; the number of its speakers is yet unknown. The project seeks to uncover the etymology of the Kallawaya lexicon, i.e. it will be investigated which languages, apart from Pukina, contributed to the lexicon of Kallawaya. Furthermore, a classification of the so-called lexical manipulations will be undertaken. Lexical manipulations are ‘conscious’ manipulations of lexical items which serve to disguise the meaning of what is said and/or to signal in-group identity (see Bakker and Mous 1994: 9; Mous 2003: 209). Finally, although the grammar of Kallawaya derives mainly from Quechua, it also contains elements that are clearly of non-Quechua origin. An analysis of these grammatical elements will also be attempted.