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Summer School of Linguistic Typology: Registration starting now up until May 15th 2016Sonja Riesberg (second from left) receives the 2015 award of the Offermann-Hergarten-FoundationOur neighbours in Manokwari, Indonesia
Summer School of Linguistic Typology: Registration starting now up until May 15th 2016
Sonja Riesberg (second from left) receives the 2015 award of the Offermann-Hergarten-Foundation
Our neighbours in Manokwari, Indonesia

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  • The Settlement of Madagascar by Speakers of an Indonesian Language: Making Sense of the Multidisciplinary Evidence

    GSSC-Talk by Alexander K. Adelaar (University of Melbourne) on Wednesday, 11/05/2016, 17.45-19.15pm at the International Kolleg Morphomata, Weyertal 59.

  • Workshop on The Languages of Aru

    The Aru archipelago is a group of over a hundred tightly packed islands at the eastern fringe of Indonesia in the Arafura sea between Australia and New Guinea. The archipelago is home to 14 closely related and almost entirely undocumented languages belonging to the Austronesian family. These languages are distinctive for their high levels of innovative vocabulary and grammars that are radically divergent from the Austronesian norm. As part of the Volkswagen Foundation DoBeS‐project “Roots and Ruins: A project to document the Aru Languages”, the Department of General Linguistics will host a workshop on the language culture systems of Aru archipelago: Saturday, 2nd of July 2016, 3rd floor Meister‐Ekkehart‐Straße 7. If you wish to attend, please email a_schapper(at)hotmail.com.

  • European Summer School in Linguistic Typology

    From September 4 to 17, 2016, the "European Summer School in Linguistic Typology" takes place in Porquerolles (France) with the co-operation of the Cologne Department of Linguistics. Registration open now.

Study related announcements

  • Mandatory advisory session for first-year students

    The slides of the mandatory advisory session for first-year students can be found here.

  • Annotated course listings for the summer term 2016

    The annotated course listings for the summer term 2016 are now available here.

    The course listings according to the old study regulations can be found in KLIPS 1.0.The course listings according to the new study regulations can be found in KLIPS 2.0.

  • IMPORTANT: Information for all students who would like to change study regulations (2-disc BA Linguistics and Phonetics, 2-disc-MA Linguistics and Phonetics, 1-disc-MA Linguistics):

    For the summer semester 2016, applications for changing study regulations can be handed in from 22/02/16 to 18/03/16.

    If you're BA student, you can get an overview how courses will be acknowledged in the new study regulations with this mapping chart.

    If you're MA student, please arrange an appointment with Gabriele Schwiertz for GL, Daniel Kölligan for HCL or Christine Röhr for Phonetics.

    Information on the new course offer is accessible in the annotated course listings on this website.

    Additional information here.

  • Information on the NEW STUDY REGULATIONS

    Since winter term 2015/16 the new BA and MA study paths re-accredited and can be studied. The annotated course listings are uploaded separately for the old and the new study regulations. Detailed information here.

  • Some points on seminar papers (in German, by Prof. Himmelmann)

  • Borrowing equipment

    Students of the Department of Linguistics who want to borrow recorders, cameras etc. are asked to contact us by e-mail (geraeteverleih-ifl(at)uni-koeln.de).

  • Offerings of the competence centre for writing

    The competence centre for writing offers students of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities help and assistance when writing academic papers, e.g. in the form of consulting, theme-orientated courses etc. More information here.

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